Why read?

Reading could be considered the single most important communication skill we could have. Reading helps us learn. It helps us accomplish new and different things. Reading takes us on adventures; places that help our imagination grow. Reading helps us understand –

Learning to read is something that many people fail to accomplish. ┬áMany simply don’t make reading a priority in their family, let alone for their children. We seek to prevent this; especially for the sake of the children. It all starts during pregnancy.

Reading to your baby should begin early. Reading with children, talking to them, encouraging them to express themselves, singing with them adds rhythm to the words. Play time is also a wonderful way for children to tie-in vocabulary to their daily activities. All these exercises help prepare children for learning to read.

Learning to read is critical for children. Our schools are set-up to teach reading by the 3rd grade. Beginning in 4th grade, children are expected to read, to learn. Reading is a tool for learning for everyone. Learning is the same as building skills; personal assets that support lifelong economic well being.

Daily Dose of Reading improves literacy in children by empowering families through reading and language.

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