Play and Learn Program Again Proves Effectiveness

The Daily Dose of Reading Play and Learn Program has been shown to have significant impact on the development of Language and Literacy skills in pre-school children.

Recently analyzed quantitative data shows children involved in the program developed more than their peers not involved in the program.

Data was collected independently for approximately 1,300 children in 14 CEOGC Head Start centers; of which 325 participated in the Play and Learn Program at the Louis Stokes and Plymouth┬áHead Start centers. Seven Language and Literacy skills were measured including; Speaking, Listening and comprehension, Phonological awareness, Alphabet knowledge, Reading, Book enjoyment and Writing. Development was measured over the 2015 – 2016 school-year.

Children in the program demonstrated development 47% above the expected national average. When compared to the CEOGC test group, participants demonstrated 33% greater growth than their peers.

This quantitative data supports anecdotes about the impact of the program. When a child reports “My Mom reads my new book to me!” we are hearing about new behaviors in these families. Ultimately, when parents and teachers engage their children in literacy activities, children benefit. As reported, Moms are reading to their children.

Check back for further details about how Daily Dose of Reading improves literacy in children….

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