old books

I am reading an “old” book. It was published in 1953. It is a compilation of short stories. Some of them date back into the 1850s. Here are a few of my observations.

The book has a hard cover. I wonder when “paperback” covers came into fashion? The stiff spine and the hard cover make it a little easier to hold while I read. The book doesn’t bend, or curl when I rest it on my lap.

The paper used in the book has that old-fashioned “feel”. It has a dull finish, almost like construction paper. It is thick like construction paper too. As the pages have aged, they are turning yellow. I think that is from the acid in the paper. That’s what “they” say….. Although the pages have yet to become brittle, that day is coming.

The stories are different too. Most of the stories are about shipwrecks or other catastrophes that occur on boats. The boats were made of wood, so when disaster struck, it was usually not a good ending, for the boat and sometimes the people on-board.

In many ways, books help us understand our history. ┬áIt also helps me appreciate what we have available to us today…..


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