Play and Learn program description

Daily Dose of Reading Play and Learn programs are  designed to improve literacy in children.

Daily Dose of Reading Play and Learn programs provide the framework for an integrated relationship between Daily Dose of Reading Literacy Specialists and the parents and teachers of preschool children. The programs are designed to enrich the environment for children to learn critical pre-literacy skills.

The curriculum is developed by Curriculum Director Robbie Haic, a Master’s level educator with 30 years of experience with special needs and disadvantaged students. Monthly lesson plans are developed using a “Talk, Sing, Read, Play” methodology. These fun activities are organized around literature-based themes.  

Each month the curriculum is introduced to teachers. Materials and ideas are discussed that can be integrated into each preschool classroom.  A story time program is delivered in each classroom by Literacy Specialists. This provides the opportunity for students to participate with an alternative story teller. The story time program also gives teachers an opportunity to observe different techniques for engaging children in the classroom using the “Talk, Sing, Read, Play” activities.

Children also receive a new copy of a story read in each story time activity to help build their own home library. This serves to create repeated exposures to literature; a critical step to reinforce learning. Along with the book, parents receive a newsletter that explains the classroom activities. Here too, ideas for parents to use at home are offered. These suggestions reflect the activities in the classroom, so often parents will not have to “lead” the activities, only initiate them so the children can naturally take the lead; talking, singing, reading or playing.

Daily Dose of Reading participates in parent nights at the partner preschools.  Here we act as a resource to parents to help them play a greater role in the language development of their children. At these events, the classroom objectives are presented and discussed, activities are modeled for parents and resources are provided to improve the home learning environment for the children.