Prescriptions for Reading program description

The Prescriptions for Reading program was established by pediatrician Dr. Shelly Senders in 1999. This novel approach was developed to encourage patients to engage in reading activities outside of their formal education environment. To this day, the basic program consists of age-appropriate reading lists that pediatricians hand to their patients. Graphically designed to mimic a medicinal prescription, the Prescriptions for Reading emphasize the healthy practice of improving literacy in children.

There are nineteen age-appropriate prescriptions, geared to The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommended schedule of well-child visits from infancy through adolescence. They begin at six months and continue through age 14. Each title is recommended based on the appropriateness of its content for the given age group.

Today, Daily Dose of Reading Prescriptions for Reading are distributed at well child visits to multiple pediatric practices in Northeast Ohio. Each year, these pediatricians distribute thousands of Daily Dose of Reading Prescriptions for Reading.

Topical Book Lists are a compliment to the Prescriptions. These lists of book titles focus on specific issues children face. We encourage you to explore these topical lists. Reading about issues is an excellent source of information and can help everyone cope with the issues at hand.

As with a traditional medicinal prescription, doctors who distribute the Prescriptions for Reading, are recommending reading as a critical activity to enrich the lives of children and enhance learning in our community.

Daily Dose of Reading seeks to provide books to the offices and clinics where the participating pediatricians practice. Daily Dose of Reading accepts donated books, then makes these available in the doctors’ offices. To learn more about donating books click HERE.

Books in the home, in schools, in doctor’s offices and other places children congregate are essential to reinforce the habit of reading.