Student Success Starts with Grit!

This is a great video. Open this post to watch Angela Lee Duckworth give her explanation of why children succeed. In a word, Grit.

There is ample research in our world that explains why children fail. I like this video because it puts a positive spin on the accomplishments of young people. Children with passion and perseverance stand-out with good reason.

I hope you enjoy this.

Once you have watched this video and you are interested in the research referenced at the end of Ms. Duckworth’s comments, here is a link to another video. This link takes you to a video in which Carol Dweck explains the power of a growth mindset. With such a mindset, individuals accept that failure is part of learning. With a growth mindset, individuals want to face their challenges. As Dr. Dweck puts it, someone with a growth mindset hasĀ YET to succeed. It’s not failure. Instead one hasn’t learned YET. – That’s perseverance!

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