Topical Reading Lists – Description

The Daily Dose of Reading Topical Reading Lists were developed to compliment the Prescriptions for Reading. These lists of reading deal with specific issues that children face. Titles selected for each list provide children with perspective on the given topic. The books may be fiction or non-fiction.

Find the list of topics and links to the book lists HERE.

As children experience life, there are often unforeseeable issues and circumstances which they must confront. Whether it is a new baby or the death of a pet, life presents children with planned or unplanned events. Daily Dose of Reading encourages you to learn more about these issues by reading about them. Doing so with your children will help them learn from others and possibly gain insight to help them emotionally as they deal with unexpected events in life.

Reading to learn is critical for children. Healthy lifestyles are supported when children learn about life, health and life’s surprises by reading. Healthy eating is a great example of lifestyle issue about which your child may need to learn more. 

The Daily Dose of Reading Topical Reading Lists include titles for all ages. Therefore children can develop the healthy habits of learning by reading at a young age. For example, toilet training… by reading about this topic, your child will not only learn about personal care, he/she will also learn very early in life that books are a good source of knowledge.

Parents and caregivers can support children’s learning by reading about and learning about issues WITH their children. Doing so allows you to discuss the issues as they relate specifically to the circumstances your children and family may be facing. At the same time, you can help your child gain a better understanding of your family’s beliefs and values as they relate to the topics. Facing changing bodies or dealing with peer pressure together will help your child confront life and be better prepared to tackle other challenges in the future.

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