Topical Reading Lists

Follow the links below to topical lists (in .pdf format) of titles of books that can help you and your children through issues that come with life. If you have suggestions, we would love to hear from you. Contact us at

A New Baby (.pdf)

Adoption (.pdf)

Alzheimer’s Disease (.pdf)

Appreciating the Elderly (.pdf)

Bullying (.pdf)

Changing Bodies (.pdf)

Chronic Illness (.pdf)

Death and Dying (.pdf)

Death of a Pet (.pdf)

Divorce (.pdf)

Facing Physical Challenges (.pdf)

Feelings (.pdf)

Foster Care (.pdf)

Friendship (.pdf)

Getting Glasses (.pdf)

Going to School (.pdf)

Going to the Doctor (.pdf)

Healthy Eating (.pdf)

Hospitals (.pdf)

Moving to a New Home (.pdf)

Night Time Fears (.pdf)

Parent in Jail (.pdf)

Peer Pressure (.pdf)

Security Blankets (and more) (.pdf)

Self-Esteem (.pdf)

Siblings with Chronic Illness (.pdf)

Siblings! (.pdf)

Step Families (.pdf)

Teen Parenting (fiction) (.pdf)

Teen Parenting (non-fiction) (.pdf)

Toilet Training (.pdf)

Working Parents (.pdf)